5 Exercises You Should Avoid and The Best Exercises to Replace Them With

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In fitness and exercise, there are hundreds if not thousands of exercises to chose from to improve your strength and conditioning. Just about every exercise has its benefits. However, there are several common exercises where… The benefits are not worth the risk of injury  The exercise does not transfer very well to support the most common movements we perform on a daily basis I will admit I have performed most of these exercises in my fitness program in the past. Not knowing it at the…

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If Your Knees Do This You Shouldn’t Be Running

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On a recent trip to Mexico, I saw this woman running as my wife and I were riding bikes to the beach. From a distance, I could see her “form” didn’t look good. Can you see what’s wrong? The untrained eye may simply see that her form looks (for lack of a better term), “herky jerky.” As I approached her, I could see it was because both knees have instability. As you watch the video, when she lands on each foot, the knees buckle outward.…

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Diaphragm/Core Training Workshop at Sub5 Performance Center


Join us for an exciting workshop to learn if you are using your diaphragm muscle correctly to give you the most efficient breathing and core stabilization abilities. The diaphragm muscle has two roles: Breathing and Core Stabilization. If either of these are not working properly, it can be a source of neck and back pain, poor posture, dysfunctional movement, and joint wear and tear. In this program, we will take you through a self assessment of your breathing, core activation and your ability to perform…

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Developmental Exercise Workshop at First Health Associates

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In this program, we will help you relearn the fundamental movements you did when you went through the developmental milestones. If you can teach your body to breath, stabilize and move better, you can help stop your own wear and tear process. If you want to find out why you are having trouble with your neck, back, hip or shoulder, come join us for an exciting workshop and learn to move like you used to!   View Flyer  

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Losing Fundamental Movements Causes Pain, Joint Wear and Tear

Do you have neck or back pain? Or maybe a bad hip, knee or shoulder? If so, you probably have lost some key fundamental movements that are contributing to the problem. When we were babies, we learned fundamental movements by going through the developmental “milestones.” The rolling, creeping, crawling, side-sitting, kneeling and deep squatting we did in our first year of life programed our most basic movements. This process developed muscle coordination for ideal breathing, good posture, stable joints and “clean” movements that should last a…

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Developmental Movement Workshop at First Health Associates

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If you have attended one of our core or breathing workshops in the past, this workshop will be expanding on what we have done previously and will expose you to more active movement. Do you have neck or back pain? How about hip or shoulder pain? Join us for an exciting workshop to learn how to correct bad movement patterns that may be causing pain and joint wear and tear. This class is based on the fundamental movement “milestones” you learned in your first year…

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Exercise Variety May Slow Aging


It turns out any amount and type of exercise may slow the aging process. However, a recent study has found mixing up your exercise routine may be the best approach to slowing the aging process. Aging is measured by the length of your cell’s telomeres. Telomeres are the protective caps at the end of your DNA, like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. They help protect the ends of your DNA each time a cell copies itself and divides to make new cells. Telomeres naturally…

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How To Preserve Your Joints For a Lifetime: 4 Steps to Prevent Arthritis


Do you have arthritis developing in your joints and not know it? Have you been diagnosed with arthritis and suffer with joint pain and stiffness that interferes with activities you enjoy doing? If so, there are four steps you can take to prevent it or slow the progression of arthritis if you already have it. Arthritis is a degenerative joint condition that involves thinning of cartilage, narrowing of joint spaces, stiffness, loss of flexibility and pain.  Arthritis is not an inevitable part of aging as…

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