Losing Fundamental Movements Causes Pain, Joint Wear and Tear

Do you have neck or back pain? Or maybe a bad hip, knee or shoulder? If so, you probably have lost some key fundamental movements that are contributing to the problem.

When we were babies, we learned fundamental movements by going through the developmental “milestones.” The rolling, creeping, crawling, side-sitting, kneeling and deep squatting we did in our first year of life programed our most basic movements. This process developed muscle coordination for ideal breathing, good posture, stable joints and “clean” movements that should last a lifetime. However, in nearly all of us, we lose some of these fundamental movements we learned because of pain and injuries.

The pain and injuries we endure throughout life cause compensations in how we move so we do not cause further pain or injury to the involved tissues. Compensation causes our breathing and core stabilization patterns to become disrupted, poor posture develops, joints lose their proper alignment and stabilization abilities, movement patterns are no longer efficient and joint wear and tear increases over time. The bottom line is pain causes compensations in movement, leading to wear and tear and pain somewhere else in the body. In order to stop pain and wear and tear, basic movements MUST improve by retraining the brain with exercises to restore the fundamental movements we had when we were babies.

This is the purpose of our movement workshops…to help you relearn the fundamental movements you did when you went through the developmental milestones. If you can teach your body to breath, stabilize and move better, you can help stop your own wear and tear process. If you want to find out why you are having trouble with your back, hip or shoulder, come join us at one of our movement workshops and learn to move like you used to.