2 Supplements That Fix a Weak Heart

If you want a strong heart and body, there are a few supplements you should be taking on a daily basis to help fight the number one killer, heart disease.

The first one is Vitamin D3. A new study found people with chronic heart failure who take vitamin D3 on a daily basis improve their heart function. Chronic heart failure is heart muscle weakness that results in the inefficiency to pump blood throughout the body. The study found vitamin D3 improved the amount of blood pumped from the heart with each heartbeat.
I recommend children take 5,000IU/day and adults take 5-10,000IU/day or the amount necessary to get blood levels between 50-80ng/dl.

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Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) has also been shown to help strengthen the hearts of people with congestive heart failure, another condition where the heart does not pump enough blood as it should. Multiple studies have shown patients who take 100mg of CoQ10 three times a day improve heart function measures such ejection fraction, stroke volume and cardiac output.

Two other supplements you should also be taking for your heart and general health are fish oil and magnesium. Fish oil contains the omega-3 fats, EPA and DHA. Fish oil is beneficial for the heart by reducing systemic inflammation and it also has a mild blood-thinning effect.
I recommend 3,000mg of EPA/DHA per day.

Magnesium is critical mineral for heart health. Low magnesium has been found to contribute to more heart disease than cholesterol or saturated fat. It has been shown to fight heart disease and atherosclerosis and it has even been shown to help heart disease patients exercise longer. Magnesium also improves blood vessels’ ability to dilate (open) when the body needs more blood.
I recommend 800mg of magnesium per day.

If you want a strong heart and body, it is essential you make vitamin D3, CoQ10, fish oil, and magnesium a part of your daily supplementation regimen.