What is DNS?

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In short, DNS is a treatment, exercise and rehabilitation method that reprograms the brain to restore posture, stability and movement throughout the body. The DNS approach is so groundbreaking and has such a powerful influence on improving movement that it has been integrated into the exercise and rehabilitation programs of olympic and professional level athletes.  DNS, or Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, is a relatively new, advanced method of assessing and treating conditions of the muscles, joints and nervous system. The major premise of DNS is poor…

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8 Natural Alternatives to Flu Shots


Many people are looking for more effective, natural alternatives to flu shots. This comes in the wake of their questionable effectiveness and their potentially harmful side effects. Is the flu shot worth the risk and how much protection does it offer? If you follow these eight steps, you can make your immune system stronger to stave off colds and the flu this winter and year round. Take Vitamin D.  Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) supplements are 8 times more effective than flu shots!  Take 1,000-5,000IU/day (children), 5,000IU/day…

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9 Steps To Living a Longer, Better Quality of Life

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An American writer and explorer named Dan Buettner published a book in 2008 entitled The Blue Zone: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest. This book details information about five regions in the world in which people lived for an unusually long time, often over 100 years. These five regions, which Buettner named the “Blue Zones,” are:   The Barbagia region of Sardinia, Italy The tropical islands of Okinawa in Japan Loma Linda, California (home of the Seventh Day Adventists religious…

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Losing Fundamental Movements Causes Pain, Joint Wear and Tear

Do you have neck or back pain? Or maybe a bad hip, knee or shoulder? If so, you probably have lost some key fundamental movements that are contributing to the problem. When we were babies, we learned fundamental movements by going through the developmental “milestones.” The rolling, creeping, crawling, side-sitting, kneeling and deep squatting we did in our first year of life programed our most basic movements. This process developed muscle coordination for ideal breathing, good posture, stable joints and “clean” movements that should last a…

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Exercise Variety May Slow Aging


It turns out any amount and type of exercise may slow the aging process. However, a recent study has found mixing up your exercise routine may be the best approach to slowing the aging process. Aging is measured by the length of your cell’s telomeres. Telomeres are the protective caps at the end of your DNA, like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. They help protect the ends of your DNA each time a cell copies itself and divides to make new cells. Telomeres naturally…

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Inactivity Found To Be More Harmful To Your Health Than Obesity

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Here is another reason to keep moving if you want to be healthy and live longer. We already know how harmful being overweight and obese can be. Now, a study has found that lack of physical activity, like sitting too much, is even more harmful and may lead to twice as many deaths as obesity. In the study’s conclusion, researchers estimated that while 337,000 out of 9.2 million deaths were because of obesity, 676,000 deaths were due to lack of physical activity, regardless of weight. The…

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How To Preserve Your Joints For a Lifetime: 4 Steps to Prevent Arthritis


Do you have arthritis developing in your joints and not know it? Have you been diagnosed with arthritis and suffer with joint pain and stiffness that interferes with activities you enjoy doing? If so, there are four steps you can take to prevent it or slow the progression of arthritis if you already have it. Arthritis is a degenerative joint condition that involves thinning of cartilage, narrowing of joint spaces, stiffness, loss of flexibility and pain.  Arthritis is not an inevitable part of aging as…

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Who Else Wants To Live Without Hip Pain?

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What a nuisance a bad hip can be if you can’t stand or walk very far before you have to sit down. This is exactly what was happening to Louise, a patient of ours, before we found the cause of the problem and we were able to help her. Louise came to us with nagging hip pain that would travel down her leg. Shopping was a bear. After about one hour of walking and periodic standing, her hip would hurt so much she would have…

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Exercising Too Long Can Weaken Your Immune System


Exercise is vital for good health and a strong immune system, but researchers recently found exercise sessions lasting too long can weaken your immune system. They followed four groups: 30 minutes of moderate running on a treadmill 30 minutes of intense running (80 percent of peak oxygen uptake) on a treadmill 2 hours of moderate running The last group did not exercise The researchers found 30 minutes of intense running did not affect the subjects’ immune response, but two hours at a moderate pace reduced…

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4 Strategies to Starting and Sticking With an Exercise Program

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Have you been wanting to start exercising and have made excuses of being too busy, not having enough time or having a physical limitation such as pain? Exercise is so important for your health that we have made it one of our 3 pillars for better health. The other two are good nutrition and maintaining the alignment of your spine and posture. If you know you should be exercising and want to know the easiest way to make exercise a part of your daily routine,…

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