How to Get Rid of Foot Pain Once and For All

Do you or someone you know have a painful foot that is slowing you down? Foot pain is a sign that your foot is breaking down. The compensations you make for a painful foot can lead to problems elsewhere, especially your knee, hip, and lower back. In this article, we discuss the most common types of foot pain and our unique approach to resolving these problems without drugs, injections or surgery.

There are many types of foot pain. One of the most common is heel pain from plantar fasciitis. A weak foot can cause excessive stress on the plantar fascia, the connective tissue that attaches to your heel. 

Solutions For Plantar Fasciitis 

Another common foot problem is pain in the “ball of the foot.” This is commonly diagnosed as metatarsalgia and the pain usually occurs when pushing off the foot when walking. A painful bunion is an often disabling type of metatarsalgia.

Pain in the arch or along the inside or outside of the foot is a common foot problem we encounter as well.

All of these types of foot pain have a common cause. It is usually due to one or a combination of these three problems:

Poor Posture.  This commonly causes your weight to shift more onto one foot, increasing pressure, stress and the development of pain.

Loss of Joint Flexibility.  This usually occurs from injuries such as a previously sprained ankle or joint misalignment and subluxation.

Weak Foot Tripod.  Muscles that support the arches of the feet often get weak from past injuries and poor footwear. A weak foot tripod causes the structure of the foot to breakdown, leading to many types of foot pain as well as neuromas, arthritis, bunions and hammer toes.

We take a very unique and different approach to treating foot pain. We first examine you for poor posture that might be creating more stress on one foot. We also check the joints of your leg and foot to determine if there are any joint restrictions or flexibility issues. Finally, we test your foot tripod for muscle weakness to determine if this is causing your foot to breakdown. After we determine the exact source of your foot pain, we recommend a treatment program to restore your posture, foot alignment, strength and flexibility to as near normal as possible. This approach has provided amazing results for many patients and has virtually eliminated the need for drugs, injections or surgery.    

We help people with foot pain every day.  If you or someone you know is suffering from any type of foot pain and is looking for a drug-free, non-surgical treatment option, contact our office to see if we can help.