The Best Supplements You Need For Peak Brain Power

Is your brain power and memory excellent or do you think there is “room for improvement?” If you are not taking these supplements or getting these nutrients from your food on a daily basis, this could be the reason your brain is not working at peak capacity.

Vitamin D3.  Vitamin D deficiency has been estimated to be as high as 98 percent and has been linked to a number of brain disorders, including dementia and its most severe form, Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin D supplementation has been shown to improve memory and brain cell function.

Fish Oil/Omega 3s.  DHA, an omega-3 fat in fish oil, is a very important component of brain cells.  It is vital for fetal and childhood brain development and in adults, studies have shown it improves brain health and memory.

The 6 Biggest Threats To Your Brain Power

Probiotics. The recently discovered gut-brain connection explains why probiotic bacteria are not only essential for your gut health, but your brain health as well. Studies have shown that probiotics are beneficial for brain function and 19 other diseases.

Magnesium.  This mineral is essential for properly functioning brain tissue. Most Americans are deficient in magnesium and taking this mineral on a daily basis may enhance learning and memory.

How Much of These Supplements Should You Take?

Besides these four supplements, the most important thing you can do to boost your brain power to peak capacity is to exercise. Consistent exercise increases blood flow and oxygen to your brain.  Studies have shown it improves brain performance and can also prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.