The Foundation of Life, Health and Energy of Your Body

Many people do not know one of the most important factors for a long, healthy life. Do you?

Did you know that the spine and nervous system is the foundation of life, health and energy of your body? 

The brain and nervous system control all body functions. It does so by sending energy down the spinal cord. The spinal cord is the main power line of the body, carrying electrical energy to all of the vital organs and tissues of your body. Each and every organ is TOTALLY DEPENDENT on this energy to keep you alive and healthy.

Your spinal column, which protects the delicate spinal cord and nerves, is very susceptible to traumas and injuries.

X-ray Showing Subluxations (Misalignments) of Lumbar Vertebrae in the Lower Back
X-ray Showing Subluxations (Misalignments) of Lumbar Vertebrae in the Lower Back

Traumas commonly cause your spine and posture to become misaligned.  

Misalignments can occur SUDDENLY from an injury such as a fall, car accident or sports injury. 

They can also occur GRADUALLY from working, sitting, or sleeping in a bad posture for extended periods of time.

As a result, individual bones (vertebrae) or whole sections of the spine SHIFT OUT OF PLACE. 

These shifts are called SUBLUXATIONS.

When subluxations occur, they can stretch the nerves and spinal cord, blocking energy from getting to the organs.

Similar to a dimmer switch, the energy gets turned down, it cannot get through the nerves to the organs and over time the organs can weaken, degenerate and become diseased.

A properly aligned spinal column is vital to keep the spinal cord and nerves from becoming stretched or “pinched.”

Can you see how the ALIGNMENT OF YOUR SPINE IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO YOUR OVERALL HEALTH? A HEALTHY SPINE is a vital requirement to have a HEALTHY BODY for life-long health.


How To Keep a Strong Spine For Life-Long Health
Get Your Spine Checked if You Have Never Seen a Chiropractor or Haven’t Seen One Recently. You may have a spine that is shifted out of place and not even know it. Undetected subluxations can weaken your nervous system and your overall health making you susceptible to pain and disease.

Get Your Spine Checked After Traumas and Injuries. Sudden impact to your body usually causes your posture and spine to shift out of place resulting in poor posture. Sitting, sleeping or working in a bad posture also causes your posture to shift out of place. Chiropractic adjustments help restore proper posture and spinal alignment for life-long health.

Get Your Spine Checked on a Regular Basis. You will likely develop poor posture after a period of time and not even know it. Pain is an obvious sign that you do!  A chiropractic checkup will let you know if your posture is in excellent condition or if you need an adjustment. Chiropractic adjustments along with posture strengthening exercises can give you a new, stronger posture you can be proud of. Check with us to find out how often you need to be checked and adjusted to keep a healthy posture. For most people it is once a month.