Three-year Old Autistic Girl’s Life Changed by Chiropractic

This was an article we found on the web about a three year old who was diagnosed with autism by multiple doctors and was placed on a variety of medications.

The child’s parents took her to a local chiropractor.  She was experiencing a number of horrible symptoms including common autism behavioral problems, unrelenting headaches, acid reflux, vomiting, sleeplessness and seizures. 

The chiropractor found spinal subluxations and they were corrected with chiropractic adjustments.  As a result, the young girl experienced a complete resolution of her headaches, acid reflux, vomiting and sleeplessness within one month. Significant improvements in autism-related issues were also noted, including calmer behavior, increased eye contact, happier demeanor, improved attitude, increased focus and attention, and an initiation to sound out words. The study reported that the girl continues to make progress as evidenced by a significantly increased vocabulary, continued improvement in attention and focus, and complete lack of epileptic episodes.

According to the mother, her daughter has been “off all of her medications, she’s making improvements with her occupational therapists, speech therapists, even her pre-school teachers are noticing a big difference. I’m getting my little girl back – look, she’s making eye contact with me, and even starting to say a few words!  She’ll use her hands to do the motions to the Itsy Bitsy Spider song!” 

Her mother cannot stress enough the impact that chiropractic care has had on her daughter.

There are a handful of other case reports that have found improvements in autism spectrum disorders with chiropractic adjustments.



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