Why Adjustments Work So Well

Since chiropractic was founded in 1895, millions of people have experienced incredible results after receiving chiropractic adjustments.  Adjustments are known to help many health problems, including back and neck pain, herniated discs, arthritis, and even extremity problems.

There are several reasons why adjustments work so well.  

Adjustments realign bones, joints and posture.   Misalignments are a common result of trauma and bad posture.  Sports injuries, falls, slouching at a computer and working in awkward positions are just a few examples.  When joint alignment is restored with chiropractic adjustments, pain relief is a common result.

Adjustments improve joint mobility and flexibility.  This occurs because when normal alignment is restored, joints move better and have a greater range of movement.  This is a desirable result, especially for people suffering from joint stiffness or arthritis.

Adjustments improve nerve function.  Misalignments irritate and interfere with nervous system function.  Nerve irritation from a stretched or pinched nerve can cause pain or numbness.  Nerve interference (like a bad cell phone connection) will alter the nerve signals that control virtually every organ of the body.  This contributes to organ malfunction and disease.  Adjustments reduce nerve irritation and interference so the nervous system can control all functions of the body normally.

Adjustments improve strength.  Pain, injuries and misalignments cause muscle weakness.  Adjustments restore the nerve supply to muscles resulting in improved strength.  Adjustments, however, are no replacement for strength training exercise. 

In summary, chiropractic adjustments improve alignment, mobility, nerve function and muscle strength.  As a result, patients routinely experience pain relief, improved joint mobility, more energy, less fatigue, and better health.  Studies have also found patients reporting improvements in breathing, digestion, circulation, ringing in the ears, asthma, hearing, vision, allergies, urination, and sinus problems.  

Chiropractic adjustments work because they improve structure, improve function which often results in better overall health.  This healthcare approach has been performed for over 100 years with an unprecedented safety record and without the use of drugs or surgery.