Doing This Doubles Your Risk of Memory Loss and Cognitive Decline

The number of people experiencing loss of memory and impaired thought processing (cognition) is at an all time high. Loss of cognition and early stage dementia are both precursors to the devastating disease known as Alzheimer’s.  

Recent research has shown overeating may double the risk of memory loss and mild cognitive impairment. The study found the higher the amount of calories consumed each day, the higher the risk of cognitive impairment.  Researchers found that eating more than 2,000 calories a day DOUBLES THE RISK for developing cognitive impairment.  They also found people who consumed less than 1,500 calories a day experienced NO INCREASED RISK of cognitive impairment.   

The study’s author said, “excessive caloric intake may lead to oxidative damage leading to structural changes in the brain… cutting calories and eating foods that make up a healthy diet may be a simpler way to prevent memory loss as we age”.

Previous research has shown that calorie restriction is the predominant factor to living a longer, healthier life.  Calorie restriction initiated early in life also appears to be one of the most effective strategies to prevent cognitive decline and memory loss as we age.  

What we have to say:  The best way to ensure you are not overeating is to keep track of the number of calories you are consuming, eat slowly and stop eating when you feel 80 percent full.