Who’s in Charge of Your Health?

The majority of Americans rely on conventional medicine for their healthcare needs.  The problem is most of this care is not ”healthcare” at all.  It is “symptom care” or “disease care.”  

Most people go to a doctor when they have symptoms.  A diagnosis (naming the symptoms as a disease) is usually given by the doctor along with a prescription drug to treat the symptoms.  Little effort is made by most doctors to determine what is causing the symptoms.  

Health experts are now understanding the actual cause of most symptoms and disease.  In the majority of cases IT IS THE PROCESSED JUNK FOOD WE ARE EATING and lack of regular exercise.  Eating these foods causes a systemic inflammatory reaction in the body which eventually leads to the development of any disease.  A vast amount of research has confirmed this fact.  If you are not familiar with Systemic Inflammation, you can read about it here.

“Healthcare” should involve strategies to prevent or attempt to reverse disease by addressing its underlying cause.  Healthcare screenings and tests, such as blood pressure and blood tests are an important part of evaluating and tracking one’s health.  More often than not the tests (if abnormal) provide grounds to prescribe a drug and are not used as an opportunity to suggest a dietary or lifestyle change to correct the problem.

Who is in charge of your health?  You or your doctor?  If you want to look and feel younger, live longer, be active in your later years, and avoid disease, you must be the primary person in charge of your health and be proactive.  No doctor can make you exercise, make sure you are making healthy food choices, not consuming toxic food additives, or taking your nutritional supplements.  

Staying healthy is a choice that requires responsibility if you wish to influence your path towards health.   

Medication in some cases can be life saving, but in MOST CASES IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU HEALTHY AND CAN EVEN BE DEADLY!  Drugs will not influence your path to health and wellness, they will only manage sickness and disease if you choose to stroll down that path.   

So who’s in charge of your health?