This Food Plan Can Make You Live a Longer and Healthier Life

There are so many diets and food plans to choose from.  One popular diet has stood the test of time in terms of extending lifespan and improving brain health along the way.  Several recent studies have added further evidence that eating this food plan is the way to go if you want to live longer and healthier compared to those around you. 

The diet we are talking about is the Mediterranean diet.  A recent study found people who closely followed the Mediterranean diet were more likely to live past age 70 without heart disease, diabetes or other chronic diseases. They also were more likely to be classified as “healthy-agers” than those who didn’t follow the diets closely or at all.

Four other studies also demonstrate this style of eating not only lowers the risk from many chronic and potentially fatal diseases, but actually extends healthy lifespan in aging adults.

Finally, another study found that eating a Mediterranean diet including olive oil (extra virgin, cold-pressed) and nuts (raw, not roasted), while avoiding low-fat dietary strategies may result in a nearly 20 percent decline in the risk of developing cognitive impairment and dementia (loss of memory, attention span, and abstract thinking).


thWhat Foods Are in the Mediterranean Diet?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the main dietary fat



Raw Nuts

High Consumption of Fish and Seafood

Low Consumption of Dairy Products and Red Meat

Moderate Intake of Red Wine


We are big proponents of the Mediterranean as well as the Paleo and Anti-inflammatory diet, as all of these include similar whole foods and contain very little to no added sugar, grains or processed food.