What is DNS?

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In short, DNS is a treatment, exercise and rehabilitation method that reprograms the brain to restore posture, stability and movement throughout the body. The DNS approach is so groundbreaking and has such a powerful influence on improving movement that it has been integrated into the exercise and rehabilitation programs of olympic and professional level athletes.  DNS, or Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, is a relatively new, advanced method of assessing and treating conditions of the muscles, joints and nervous system. The major premise of DNS is poor…

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Losing Fundamental Movements Causes Pain, Joint Wear and Tear

Do you have neck or back pain? Or maybe a bad hip, knee or shoulder? If so, you probably have lost some key fundamental movements that are contributing to the problem. When we were babies, we learned fundamental movements by going through the developmental “milestones.” The rolling, creeping, crawling, side-sitting, kneeling and deep squatting we did in our first year of life programed our most basic movements. This process developed muscle coordination for ideal breathing, good posture, stable joints and “clean” movements that should last a…

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How Your Compensations Can Be The Source of Your Pain

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What does an old ankle sprain, knee injury, or episode of back pain have in common? They all change the way you move and often lead to pain in other areas of your body. This phenomenon is called compensation. A sprained ankle or painful knee will change the way you walk. Back pain will change the way you bend and move. Your nervous system is always monitoring, adapting and re-wiring all of the time. When your brain senses pain or injury, it will re-wire itself to…

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