2 Supplements That Fix a Weak Heart

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If you want a strong heart and body, there are a few supplements you should be taking on a daily basis to help fight the number one killer, heart disease. The first one is Vitamin D3. A new study found people with chronic heart failure who take vitamin D3 on a daily basis improve their heart function. Chronic heart failure is heart muscle weakness that results in the inefficiency to pump blood throughout the body. The study found vitamin D3 improved the amount of blood…

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CoQ10 May Help Depression, Stress and Diabetic Neuropathy


CoQ10 is a vital enzyme used by every cell in your body for energy production.  Preserving energy mechanisms in the body are important for endurance, vitality and to resist disease.   Two recent animal studies have found CoQ10 can positively effect three common problems with the nervous system.   In the first study, researchers created stress, anxiety and depression in rats.  Then they were fed CoQ10 for three weeks.  The researchers observed anxiety and depression improved as a result of CoQ10 feeding. Other tests showed…

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