Pain: What Does it Mean and What Should You Do About It?

What do you do when you experience pain?  Do you suffer with it, cover it up with pain relievers,  or simply try to ignore it?  There are many ways to approach pain, but first it is important to understand why pain occurs in the first place.   

Most people view pain as something bad.  Pain is not the enemy, nor is it the problem. Pain is actually a good thing.  It is a message warning you there is a problem, but pain itself is not the underlying problem. 

Pain will occur after a sudden injury, such as a skin cut, a sprain or a fracture.  When tissues tear or break, inflammatory chemicals trigger pain.  

Pain can also occur gradually over time and appear to develop for no reason. You may begin to experience an achy back or a painful knee as you get older.  Age is not necessarily the reason why you begin to experience these problems, but some type of “weakness” that has been developing in your body for many years which has eventually flipped the “pain switch.”

Pain in an area of your body is a sign that it is weakening and breaking down.  There are many different reasons why certain areas of your body will breakdown.  This is NOT due to aging, but it has more to do with:



Musculoskeletal Misalignment Example of misaligned posture and spinal column due to macro-trauma or micro-trauma
Musculoskeletal Misalignment
Example of misaligned posture and spinal column due to macro-trauma or micro-trauma

Poor Posture

Subluxations of the spine and misalignments of other bones and joints of the body

Loss of joint flexibility in the spine or other joints of the body

Muscle weakness in the area of pain or other areas more distant from the pain 


Do you think taking pain relievers or anti-inflammatory drugs are fixing these common structural  causes of pain?  They are simply “covering up” the pain warning signal which does nothing to fix the cause.

We know that pain is merely your body’s warning signal of an underlying problem.  We take a unique and different approach to treating your pain by first determining the underlying cause of your pain.  Once we determine the underlying cause, we utilize chiropractic adjustments and rehabilitative exercises to restore your new posture, spinal alignment, joint flexibility and muscle strength so your body can heal itself naturally and function on its own without the need of toxic drugs or unnecessary surgery.

In summary, pain is simply a warning signal that your body is breaking down.  This is usually due to poor posture, joint misalignment, muscle weakness, or tissue injury.  It should not be covered up or ignored, but evaluated by a qualified chiropractor. 

We help many people with all types of pain everyday.  If you or someone you know is suffering with pain, covering it up with drugs, and doesn’t deserve to live like this, contact our office to see if we can help.