Treatment Approach


In short, my approach is to eliminate the source of pain by reprogramming the brain to restore alignment, stability and movement throughout the body. The purpose is to provide a permanent solution for your condition so you can enjoy the active, fulfilling life you deserve. My approach to making people better is unique and different compared to most other chiropractors, orthopedic doctors and physical therapists. My goal is to not only find the source of pain or other symptoms, but also identify and correct the…

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Conditions We Treat


We provide some of the most advanced and effective  treatment approaches for many conditions. Here is a list of conditions we treat. Spine Conditions Neck pain Upper cervical Headaches (tension, migraine) TMJ/Jaw pain Upper back pain Low back pain Muscle spasm/tightness Pinched nerve Bulging/herniated disc Degenerated disc Stenosis Upper Extremity Shoulder pain, rotator cuff tears, impingement Arm pain Elbow pain Tennis/golfer’s elbow (tendinitis) Wrist and thumb pain Carpal tunnel syndrome Hand pain and numbness Lower Extremity Hip pain, bursitis, arthritis Piriformis syndrome IT band syndrome…

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Exercise and Rehabilitation Approach


I think it is safe to say every patient wants to have their treatment results last as long as possible. Let’s face it, any treatment is only as good as the results last. Corrective exercises are the key to long-lasting relief and maintaining the highest level of activity and function possible. They enhance treatment by providing a faster recovery and they are the key to making your chiropractic adjustments “hold.” Simply put, the adjustments you receive “reset” your alignment and nervous system, and the exercises…

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