Conditions We Treat

We provide some of the most advanced and effective  treatment approaches for many conditions. Here is a list of conditions we treat.

Spine Conditions

Neck pain
Upper cervical
Headaches (tension, migraine)
TMJ/Jaw pain
Upper back pain
Low back pain
Muscle spasm/tightness
Pinched nerve
Bulging/herniated disc
Degenerated disc

Upper Extremity

Shoulder pain, rotator cuff tears, impingement
Arm pain
Elbow pain
Tennis/golfer’s elbow (tendinitis)
Wrist and thumb pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Hand pain and numbness

Lower Extremity

Hip pain, bursitis, arthritis
Piriformis syndrome
IT band syndrome
Knee pain and arthritis
Ankle pain and sprains
Shin splints
Heel pain (plantar fasciitis)
Arch pain
Achilles tendinitis
Forefoot (ball of foot) pain
Neuromas, bunions, hammer toes, and numbness