Treatment Approach


My approach to making you better is to find what is not working in your body that is causing your pain or others symptoms. The pain, tightness or numbness you are experiencing is likely due to bones and joints that are shifted out of place (misalignment) and nerves that are creating muscle tightness and weakness (bad wiring) The trauma and injuries you experience throughout life are the reason these two problems occur. Injury and pain cause your body to compensate. Compensations distort your posture, shift bones…

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Conditions We Treat


We provide some of the most advanced and effective  treatment approaches for many conditions. Here is a list of conditions we treat. Spine Conditions Neck pain Upper cervical Headaches (tension, migraine) TMJ/Jaw pain Upper back pain Low back pain Muscle spasm/tightness Pinched nerve Bulging/herniated disc Degenerated disc Stenosis Upper Extremity Shoulder pain, rotator cuff tears, impingement Arm pain Elbow pain Tennis/golfer’s elbow (tendinitis) Wrist and thumb pain Carpal tunnel syndrome Hand pain and numbness Lower Extremity Hip pain, bursitis, arthritis Piriformis syndrome IT band syndrome…

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Rehabilitation Approach


Our exercise and rehabilitation department is a very important part of your recovery and return to an active lifestyle. Improving your posture and movement is the key to an excellent recovery and is critical if you want to help prevent  painful conditions in the future. We use the most advanced methods in the fields of physical therapy, chiropractic, fitness and personal training. Our approach is heavily grounded in the most current understanding of the nervous system and how it controls posture, movement and gait. The pain and…

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