6 Steps to Having a Youthful, Energetic and Healthy Lifestyle For The Rest of Your Life


As you progress in age, would you like to avoid the crippling effects of arthritis, chronic searing joint and back pain, sluggish depleting energy and the fear of illness and disease?  Would you rather have youthful energy, healthy and strong joints, the confidence to live without the fear of disease and participate at any activity level you desire?    If you want a life like this for the rest of your life, there are 6 steps you need to take to achieve these goals: Restore…

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CoQ10 May Help Depression, Stress and Diabetic Neuropathy


CoQ10 is a vital enzyme used by every cell in your body for energy production.  Preserving energy mechanisms in the body are important for endurance, vitality and to resist disease.   Two recent animal studies have found CoQ10 can positively effect three common problems with the nervous system.   In the first study, researchers created stress, anxiety and depression in rats.  Then they were fed CoQ10 for three weeks.  The researchers observed anxiety and depression improved as a result of CoQ10 feeding. Other tests showed…

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