If Your Knees Do This You Shouldn’t Be Running

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 7.29.58 AM

On a recent trip to Mexico, I saw this woman running as my wife and I were riding bikes to the beach. From a distance, I could see her “form” didn’t look good. Can you see what’s wrong? The untrained eye may simply see that her form looks (for lack of a better term), “herky jerky.” As I approached her, I could see it was because both knees have instability. As you watch the video, when she lands on each foot, the knees buckle outward.…

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Solutions That Are Resolving Knee Pain


Are you having knee pain walking up or down stairs?  Are you having trouble bending your knee to put on your pants or socks?  Is knee pain causing you to not be able to participate in your physical activities as much as you would like?  These are common complaints we hear when patients consult us for knee pain.  Most of our knee patients have been pleasantly surprised with the amazing results they have achieved with the simple solutions we have provided for their problem.  Check…

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