Who Else Wants To Live Without Hip Pain?

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What a nuisance a bad hip can be if you can’t stand or walk very far before you have to sit down. This is exactly what was happening to Louise, a patient of ours, before we found the cause of the problem and we were able to help her. Louise came to us with nagging hip pain that would travel down her leg. Shopping was a bear. After about one hour of walking and periodic standing, her hip would hurt so much she would have…

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Here is Our Approach That is Eliminating Hip Pain


Hip pain is a problem that can affect some of life’s most simple activities such as walking.  If the pain is severe, limping can cause compensation and lead to a whole host of other problems.  The hip is a very complex ball and socket joint that requires perfect alignment, mobility and motor control to work properly.  These three important mechanical factors can become abnormal due to injury and pain. Abnormal Alignment.  Injuries can cause misalignments of the hip and pelvis which can create increased loads (pressure)…

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