9 Steps To Living a Longer, Better Quality of Life

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An American writer and explorer named Dan Buettner published a book in 2008 entitled The Blue Zone: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest. This book details information about five regions in the world in which people lived for an unusually long time, often over 100 years. These five regions, which Buettner named the “Blue Zones,” are:   The Barbagia region of Sardinia, Italy The tropical islands of Okinawa in Japan Loma Linda, California (home of the Seventh Day Adventists religious…

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How Exercise Affects Your Genetics to Prevent Disease


Last month we discussed how your lifestyle habits can determine whether your genes are “expressed” to keep you healthy or whether they trigger you to develop disease.  The field of epigenetics has shown your DNA can become damaged and express disease because of an unhealthy diet, a toxic environment, stress, and a lack of exercise.  We all know exercise is a good lifestyle habit and a vital component of good health, but we did not know how exercise affected our genes until now.   Researchers…

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Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny


Conventional belief has been that genes control their own expression.  That is, whether the genes keep the body healthy or whether the genes directly cause certain diseases. In the most recent field of gene study called epigenetics, researchers are finding that having “bad genes” does not necessarily mean you are doomed to suffer some inevitable fate like cancer.  Genes are merely blueprints that are activated and controlled by their environment. Their environmental is affected by diet and nutrition, toxic exposures, thoughts and emotions, and other…

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