The Diaphragm’s Role For a Healthy Spine and Body

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The diaphragm is a breathing AND a core stabilizing muscle. It must be able to switch roles and be able to perform both roles at the same time. If you are lying down, the diaphragm is dedicated solely to breathing (far left side of graph in blue). There is no external load applied to your body so the stabilizing role is absent. If you are attempting to lift a 200lb object off the floor, the diaphragm is dedicated solely to stabilizing your core and you…

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The Most Important Yet Most Neglected Muscle of The Body Part 1: Diaphragmatic Breathing

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Right now, as you start reading this article, pay attention to your breathing. Are you breathing more in your abdomen or more in your chest? If you are unsure, place one hand on your stomach and the other hand on your chest. Which hand is moving more? If you are breathing more in your chest, your diaphragm muscle is not working properly. Functions of The Diaphragm The diaphragm has two functions. One is breathing and the other is core stabilization, which we will discuss in…

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