Chris D.

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I have seen chiropractors for 25+ years. Dr. Hamm is by far the most well educated and capable. He has the ability to assess the underlying issues and treat them successfully. I have referred many friends and ALL have reported positive outcomes and improvements. He is worth seeing!

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Julie W.

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I love Dr. Hamm and his staff at First Health Associates. Dr. Hamm is the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. He not only makes sure my back is healthy, he cares about my health as a whole.

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Beth K.

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Dr. Hamm gave me a very thorough exam/consult.  Dr. Hamm found the actual root problems, he isn’t just treating the symptoms. I have improved significantly within the short time I have been working with Dr. Hamm. I would and do recommend Dr. Hamm to anyone who is serious about getting healthy.

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