Sports Injuries and Sports Performance

Runner Crouching at Starting Line

Sports Injuries

We help people with sports injuries of all types, from rotator cuff tears and sprains/strains to plantar fasciitis. Our particular specialty is running injuries.

Each injury is thoroughly evaluated to determine the severity and more importantly the cause of your injury. As a part of your examination, we evaluate your joint alignment, flexibility and muscle coordination, three common problems that occur following an injury and predispose you to future injuries. These problems are corrected with various treatments, including adjustments, manual therapy, muscle activation, and rehabilitative exercise to help you recover as quickly as possible. As the injury heals, your movement patterns will be assessed and more specific movement pertaining to your sport. We will determine where your poor movement patterns exist and the best exercises to build a cleaner, stronger, and more efficient movement pattern.


Soccer Player Kicking BallSports Performance

Most sports involve throwing, catching, running, jumping, kicking or swinging a bat, stick, club or racket to hit an object. These movements require the generation and transfer of force (energy) through the body to accomplish these tasks.

If you are unable to efficiently transfer energy through your body, you likely have “energy leaks” or “power leaks.” Energy leaks diminish your strength, speed, power and endurance. This will reduce your sports performance and can even promote sports injuries. Many athletes have “energy leaks” and are not aware of it.

Abnormal joint alignment, flexibility, and muscle coordination are “weaknesses” that can cause “energy leaks.” We specialize in determining if you have any of these that may be degrading your sports performance and the most appropriate treatment and exercise program to correct these problems. 

Your performance level can only reach its peak after you achieve a solid foundation in your alignment, flexibility and muscle coordination. When these three factors are ideal and you can efficiently transfer forces through your body without any “energy leaks,” you will be able throw harder, jump higher, hit a ball further and run with explosive power.

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