Another Reason to Avoid Fried Foods


It is common knowledge that fried foods are not good for us.  The first reason is most fried foods are cooked in unhealthy oils that create a significant inflammatory response within our bodies that causes disease.  The oils typically used are soybean, sunflower, corn, canola, etc. Even worse, these oils can be hydrogenated (trans fats) which can cause greater inflammation and high cholesterol. Another reason fried foods are bad is because when these oils are heated and reheated over and over again, high levels of…

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Six Ways Fish Oil Can Give You Better Health

Pills Pouring out of Bottle

There are several reasons why taking fish oil supplements is an important part of a healthy diet. Your brain, joints, muscles, heart, and skin all require the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil to function properly.  If you do not consume enough omega-3 fats, your body is much more prone to degeneration and disease.  Here are six ways fish oil can give you better health and longevity: 1.  Fish Oil Reduces Disease-Causing Inflammation.  Fish oil contains the omega-3s, EPA and DHA, which have been shown…

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The Newest Health Risk of Drinking Soda


For many years we have been telling you why soda is so bad for your health.  Recently, the research has been pouring in showing the health consequences and the disease risks from drinking these sugary drinks.  A new study conducted in Sweden and set to be published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found drinking one normal-sized soda can increase a man’s risk of developing more aggressive forms of prostate cancer by about 40 percent. Earlier this year we reported on two other…

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Sitting Too Much Can Be Deadly


Many people have jobs that require them to sit at their desk for at least eight hours a day.  After work, many of these same people end up sitting in front of the television  or computer for a few more hours of sitting time.  Is this you?  It turns out these lifestyle habits can cause disease and lead to premature death!  In this article we will discuss the dangers of sitting and some strategies to help you reduce the amount of time sitting.  Several studies…

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