Mediterranean Diet May Keep You “Genetically Young”

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A recent study has found that eating a Mediterranean diet may be your key to living longer by keeping you “genetically young.” The diet has been a staple of the people in the Mediterranean region for centuries. It is rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans and peas, olive oil, fish and red wine. It is generally low in dairy and red meat. The study found people who ate a Mediterranean diet had longer telomeres. Telomeres are the protective caps at the end of our chromosomes…

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The Simple Weight Loss Secret

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It is that time of year when many people make their new year’s resolutions and losing weight is one of the most popular. Losing weight is not very complicated. It may be difficult for some because it can involve a little will-power, but the rules to follow are quite simple. The secret to losing weight is to EAT LESS SUGAR! Sugar is the main reason why 69 percent of American adults are overweight and 35 percent of these people are obese. Even children between the…

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The Best Supplements You Need For Peak Brain Power

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Is your brain power and memory excellent or do you think there is “room for improvement?” If you are not taking these supplements or getting these nutrients from your food on a daily basis, this could be the reason your brain is not working at peak capacity. Vitamin D3.  Vitamin D deficiency has been estimated to be as high as 98 percent and has been linked to a number of brain disorders, including dementia and its most severe form, Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin D supplementation has…

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Are You Eating Cancer? Part 2: The Foods That Fight Cancer

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In Part 1, we discussed how cancer develops and the foods that feed cancer. Currently, 1 out of every 4 people are getting cancer. Do you want to be “THE ONE” that gets cancer or one of the three that avoids this deadly disease? Here are the foods to prevent cancer now and fight cancer if you have it now or have had it in the past. The “FUEL” For Cancer Growth Once a cancer cell develops, sugar is the primary source of energy for cancer…

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Are You Eating Cancer? Part 1: The Foods That Feed Cancer

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Many of you are pursuing cancer and don’t even know it. Cancer is not something that just happens due to a stroke of bad luck. It is very often what is on your plate that creates and feeds cancer growth. In this article, we talk about how cancer develops from certain foods we eat and the top 6 foods that feed cancer. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the U.S. and so common that 1 out of every 4 people are getting…

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The Most Important Mineral to Slash Your Risk of The Top Diseases That Kill

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This mineral deficiency has become epidemic, with an estimated 80% of Americans being low. The most recent findings have concluded that taking this mineral in supplement form and eating foods containing it will help protect you from the most deadly diseases. Are you getting enough? There is an 80% chance you are low in magnesium which is putting you at greater risk for disease. The latest research is finding a connection between magnesium deficiency and the following diseases:  Heart Disease and Stroke. Magnesium is required…

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New Study Proves This Food is Healthier and More Nutritious For You

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A review of 343 nutrition studies that compared the antioxidant content, pesticide residues, and heavy metal contamination found this type of food to be superior.  In a study published in The British Journal of Nutrition, researchers compared organic to conventionally grown fruits and vegetables and found the following: Organic fruits and vegetable contain between 19 and 69 percent more antioxidants compared to conventional produce. Antioxidants, such as those found in higher concentrations in organic foods, “have previously been linked to a reduced risk of chronic…

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20 Reasons Why You Need to Take Probiotics Every Day


Did you know 80 percent of your immune system is located in your digestive tract? Probiotics play a huge role in maintaining strong immunity in this area of your body. They not only help maintain a strong and healthy digestive tract, they also play a vital role in preventing numerous other conditions and diseases as well. Probiotics are “good,” beneficial bacteria that inhabit your digestive tract. Think of them as an army of bacteria that protects your body. How Probiotics Protect You From Illness and…

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11 Health and Disease-Fighting Benefits of Eating Chocolate


Here are 11 healthy reasons why you should eat more chocolate.  There are many ways chocolate can give you better health, but the type of chocolate you eat is important whether you receive these benefits or not. Here are the benefits of chocolate from the latest research: Improves cardiovascular health by reducing systemic inflammation.  It also improves and maintains flexible, elastic arteries (healthy arteries) and prevents stiff arteries (diseased arteries). This is vital to prevent thickening and hardening of arteries, also known as atherosclerosis, as…

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This Vitamin Fights Breast Cancer, Cholesterol and Autism

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There is one very important vitamin you and your loved ones should take on a daily basis to prevent these and numerous other diseases.  Are you taking it? A recent study found breast cancer patients with vitamin D levels of 30ng were twice as likely to survive cancer compared to women with lower vitamin D levels (17ng).  Previous research has shown vitamin D levels of at least 50ng is associated with a 50 percent lower risk of breast cancer. Vitamin D has a number of…

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