Treatment Approach


In short, my approach is to eliminate pain by reprogramming the brain to restore proper alignment, stability and movement throughout the body.

My approach to making people better is unique and different compared to most other chiropractors, orthopedic doctors and physical therapists. My goal is to not only find the source of pain or other symptoms, but also identify and correct the actual cause of the problem.

Most of us develop a painful back, neck, shoulder, knee, etc. because of abnormal alignment and improper movements that we have acquired from past injuries. Injuries cause changes in the brain which alters our posture and movement program. As a result, we compensate to protect what hurts. This is a good thing.

However, in order to “favor” an injury, the brain has to change the way we are naturally designed to move and we end up sacrificing alignment, flexibility and stability in other areas of the body.

A sprained ankle, for example, will change how we move and stabilize the foot, knee, hip and lower back. A case of tennis elbow will change how we use our shoulder, arm and hand. Essentially, we end up moving with bad form every time we bend down to pick things up, get in and out of a chair, walk, run, exercise, play our sports, and so on. This is a bad thing.

Compensations are protective in the short term, and at the same time they are destructive when they persist long after an injury heals. Years of moving with bad form leads to the chronic wear and tear conditions many of us suffer from, including arthritis, bulging, herniated and degenerated discs, tendinitis, bursitis, repeated muscle strains, etc. That case of tennis elbow now becomes a rotator cuff problem. That old ankle sprain leads to an arthritic hip or knee.

Simply put, the injuries we experience throughout life cause poor bone and joint alignment and we end up moving with bad form. This is what causes certain parts of our body to become painful and break down over time.

Most providers in the medical field and even many chiropractors only treat the site of pain by covering up symptoms. They do not look elsewhere in the body to fix any damaging alignment or movement problems (compensations) that are actually causing the pain. Just treating the site of pain often provides only temporary relief and does not provide a long-term solution for many ongoing musculoskeletal problems.

In order to stop pain and wear and tear, the brain must be reprogrammed to restore ideal alignment, stability and movement throughout the body. This approach offers the best possibility of a permanent solution for anyone suffering with a musculoskeletal problem.

This is my approach

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