DrHammLRDr. Ryan D. Hamm

Dr. Ryan Hamm has 23 years of clinical experience in the conservative treatment and rehabilitation of spine and extremity disorders.

Doctorate – Chiropractic
Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa
Cum Laude honors graduate

Post-Graduate Education
Structural Rehabilitation of the Spine and Posture (Alignment Correction)
Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP)
Functional Rehabilitation of the Spine and Posture (Neuromuscular Strengthening and Re-education)
Spine and Extremity Biomechanics and Rehabilitation
Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)
Movement Screening, Assessment and Correction
Pain Management
Instrument, Spine and Extremity Adjusting
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Shoulder Disorders
Upper Cervical Biomechanics and Treatment
Golf Biomechanics and Injuries
Diagnosis and Treatment of Knee Disorders
Foot Biomechanics
Gait Analysis
Scoliosis Correction and Rehabilitation

Advanced Certification Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) Technique
Functional Movement Systems Certification
International Foot and Gait Education Council

Memberships and Associations
International Chiropractic Association

Chiropractic Biophysics, Non-Profit

Various fitness activities including walking, running, hiking, cycling, yoga, DNS exercise and functional weight training. He also likes to cook, travel, scuba dive and golf.

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